6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle

6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle


Our Boys

Our Current Herd Sires

We are excited about our two new Registered bulls! They are handsome

Peter Panda (PO) 6065-MCBR 

PO Panda is a Registered Miniature Panda Bull. He’s calm and has a history of having calves with belts. We are super excited to see what his spring calves will look like! 

B&B CHAMP Polled Miniature Hereford Bull P44087747

This dark, cherry red stud muffin is short and stout! 


Elmo is our guard llama. 

Herd Sire BOSS

Parents: Bella our polled Belted Galloway and our polled Registered Peter Panda bull
Birthday: 4/18/22 Breed: Panda and Belted Galloway.