6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle

6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle


Our Boys

Our Current Herd Sires

We are excited about our two new Registered bulls! They are handsome

Peter Panda (PO) 6065-MCBR 

PO Panda is a Registered Miniature Panda Bull. He’s calm and has a history of having calves with belts. We are super excited to see what his spring calves will look like! 

B&B CHAMP Polled Miniature Hereford Bull P44087747

This dark, cherry red stud muffin is short and stout! Really excited about our upcoming Registered Hereford calves. 

Past Herd Sire

Beau Henry is an unregistered mini Hereford bull as sweet as they come!


Elmo is our guard llama.