6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle

6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle


Why Miniature Cattle?

Lots of learning, fun and love !!

Family - Our miniature cattle ranch has brought our family closer together. Through many hours of hard work and dedication; we have each watched our herd grow as we continue to all fall deeper in love with all our animals.

Home Grown Beef - We started this venture because we wanted our family  to know, learn and enjoy a world outside the newest of games and technology and to know where our beef comes from. We  eat beef and want it to be as free from antibiotics, medications and steroids as possible. We only supplement with minerals and natural feed and protein as needed, and only medicate our animals if they are sick, which has been very rare and isolated events. We do believe in administering  recommended immunizations to keep them healthy. We never feed steroids. They are pasture raised, Texas beef. We believe, and want to teach our children and prospective customers, that all livestock should be treated humanely and with respect.

Friendly - Our cattle are raised around all ages of people. They have eaten protein cubes out of the hands of 3 to 82  year olds. Occasionally,  they may give a lick across the face. We give them their space and respect that they are still cattle, but they are part of our family and of course, as such, all have names. ❤️