6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle

6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle


20 Oct 2022

What we do prior to pick up

Each of our calves are weaned when they are about 5 to 7 months old using the Quiet Wean method to reduce the stress of weaning on both baby and momma. We dehorn if not polled, deworm, give heifers their bangs vaccine and have the vet check their health status. If you want a bull castrated we can do that also.  All our herd, including calves, are vaccinated according to the recommendations by our Vet: Triangle or Calvary 9, Ultrabac 7/8, Virashield 6+VL5, Coexin, Safeguard, Ivermectin or Longrange. A nonrefundable deposit will hold your calf and are as listed. 

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Heifer for Sale

Holly’s Hope

  • DOB 7/11/22
  • This spunky, fun colored, heifer with Panda markings is mini Hereford/Panda cross
  • Dam is our registered Miniature Hereford Holly 
  • Sire Registered Panda, Peter Panda
  • Will be vaccinated, weaned, ready to go January 
  • $3,000 $750 deposit/$2250 on pickup/delivery 

Heifer for sale

Sami’s Starr

  • DOB 6/28/22
  • Dam Registered American Aberdeen Sami
  • Sire Registered Panda, Peter Panda
  • Will be vaccinated, weaned and ready to go 12/12
  • $2000 $500 deposit/ $1500 at pickup

For Sale Heifer 


    • DOB 8/29/22
    • This sweet girl has really unique markings 
    • Parents: Lancey unregistered American Aberdeen and Peter Panda our Registered Panda bull.
    • Ready early March 2023
    • $3,000 $750 deposit/$2250 on pickup 

    For Sale Heifer Sold 

    Registered polled mini Hereford Miss Saffron 

    • DOB 9/24/22
    • Parents: Miss Susan Registered Miniature Hereford and Champ our Registered Miniature Hereford bull
    • ready In March 2023
    • $ 2200  (MSUDC)
    • Will be vaccinated and weaned prior to pickup

    Heifer for sale SOLD 

    Zeena’s Zoey Panda heifer

    • DOB 7/8/22
    • Dam Zeena, American Aberdeen/mini Hereford cross. Sire Registered Panda, Peter Panda
    • $3,000. $750 deposit, $2250 on pick up

    For Sale Bull,  Levi. Sold

    Lavender’s Levi

    • Birthdate: 04/04/22
    • Parents: Dam polled Lavender Registered American Aberdeen 36345 Sire: polled Registered Peter Panda 6065-MCBR 
    • Polled
    • $1600 Deposit $400/$1200 at pickup

    For Sale Bull SOLD 


    • Dam  44139354 - JCS SOPHIA MARGARETHA 
    • Sire: Peter Panda 6065-MCBR
    • Birthdate: 04/30/22
    • This little hunk guy is short and thick. 
    • Dam is 38” tall, Sire 43” tall
    • $1600  $400deposit, $1200 at pickup

    For Sale Heifer SOLD 


      • Registered mini Hereford heifer 44342859
      • Birthdate/ 04/12/22
      • Dam: Lola, Registered Mini Hereford 43821572
      • Sire Champ, polled Registered Miniature Hereford P44087747
      • DNA has been sent in. Polled status to be determined 
      • $3,000 if horned, $3500 if polled